The 7 Most Famous Psychics of All Time

When you are interested in getting a psychic reading, probably the first thing that hits your mean is quick research that will give the best known of them as of now. They are famous for the reason that they are best at what they do. However, even though there is a tendency to trust the research, it does not mean that the others out there not in the rest are not good at their jobs.

The ones available in the social media are the ones who have made it on the list based on their peculiarity and their popularity and the clientele base of celebrities that follow them. They are therefore popularized by their clients based on their psychic authenticity.

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Terry and Linda Jamison:

They are twins with psychic gifts. They rose to popularity due to their predictions in the recent past being documented publicly. Their most popular prophecy was the one they made in in front of over twenty million people. In an interview on Art Bello Radio, they gave a prediction of a terrorist attack at World Trade Center, the know 9/11 attacks in 2000. The more intriguing thing about them is the fact that they are twin sisters with a psychic gift.

Theresa Caputo

Her presence in the Long Island Medium television series is what made her rise to being an authentic psychic. Just like how psychic start their career, she started by giving readings to clients interested in psychic intervention. She went along with the practice, and over time, she rose to popularity.

Chip Coffey

Being born and raised in New York, the greater part of his life was spent in front of the camera. The reason is that he spent the greater part of his early life when growing up on countless interviews on television. Additionally, n the Paranormal State television series, he worked with the ghost hunters.

Allison Dubois

Though not many live to serve as in inspiration on a television series, Allison Dubois has lived to it. She has been an inspiration to mediums TV shows and has written a number of books relating to the afterlife. One of her popular books in the Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye.

John Edward

He is also a famous medium who has been having lots of television shows. One of them being Crossing Over by him. In the Crossing over, he travels in the afterlife and take messages from the people from the other side and shares them to the members who are his audience.

Michelle Whitedove

She came out as the winner on the American Psychic Challenge TV show, which culminated to her being acclaimed as the number one Psychic in America. She is a psychic detective, health intuitive and a spirit medium who has been featured in No One Dies In Lily Dale HBO documentary.

Lisa Williams

The popularity of Lisa Williams is also attributed to the television shows. She managed to win the interests of hundreds and thousands of viewers using a line that she was famous for using, “Do you want to know everything?” Life Among The Dead and Voices from the Other Side are among her hit shows on the television.

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